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MDS is honored to announce a successful partnership with DataCamp Donates and is delighted to be the first DataCamp Donates partner in Vietnam.

In this partnership, MDS gets great support from DataCamp Donates and has access to various online courses like Python, R, SQL. Members of MDS club can practice the necessary skills to work with data.


DataCamp Donates

Before the provision of DataCamp accounts, team Training had organized a virtual Information Day meeting on the DCDonates program and suggested suitable learning path. Granted access to various DataCamp courses, members of MDS club were able to learn and practice their skills with data, and share their accomplishment with DataCamp on various social media platforms.

Accomplishment post of
MDS member
MDS Information Day
Quarterly check-in meeting
Monthly honor of DataCamp learners

After a period of involving in the program, team Training had a quarterly check-in meeting with Seve Perez, the representative from DataCamp. We were able to share our journey with DCDonates program and discussed about the next-steps in our partnership. MDS club also posts a monthly appreciation of members who gained the most XP on DataCamp.